Sometimes it’s just nice to grab a libation, put your feet up, and listen. With that in mind, click a podcast link below. You never know what we’ll be talking about.


Renegade Boomer

My thanks to Tina Lorenz for inviting me to join her on the Renegade Boomer podcast. We had a blast! Take a listen.

Women Road Warriors

Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tacarro tackle the big question heard by women who step into roles where many feel they don’t belong: What’s she doing here? I was happy to join them on Women Road Warriors.

The Baseball Lifer

I’ve met some very interesting people on my podcast travels.. The one who stands out the most is Don Wordlow, who invited me to be a guest on his show: The Baseball Lifer.

As you can probably guess, baseball is Don’s passion, and as I spent 25 years umpiring amateur baseball and covered all levels of the sport as reporter, we had a lot to talk about. Like me, Don was in the media end of the game, spending 12 years as a color commentator.

The thing is…Don is blind. From birth. He’s quite an inspiration.


Not in a Huff

My thanks to Jackson Huff for inviting me to join him on his podcast Not in a Huff. “This week we dive into the world of sports reporting as a female in the 1990’s with former ESPN SportsCenter host Anne Montgomery. Spoiler Alert, it wasn’t always fun and it certainly wasn’t always fair. She takes us from her mom’s less than excited reaction to hearing she wanted to major in sports journalism, to the stories of breaking gender barriers in the local and national TV world, to “aging out” of sports journalism (something that only is told to women it seems…), and what she did then. That journey took her to high school classrooms and into the pages of novels as she became a teacher and author. GREAT story this week from a really amazing person.” Jackson Huff


Community Cats Podcast

I don’t take sides in the dog/cat debate. I love both creatures. (My dog made me say that.) Still, I have tended to at least 40 cats over the years, most from the streets or shelters. I practice spay/neuter release, because that keeps the local stray population at a manageable level. Recently, I visited the Community Cats Podcast and chatted with The Head Cat, Stacy LeBaron. Take a listen.

Mr. Mike Podcast

What a great time with Mike Rotondo and his crew! We talked about my rather different road to becoming a sportscaster, sports officiating, and my books.


The Run

Manny Wilson and I talked all things sports on his podcast The Run, including a look back at life in the sports reporting trenches and issues in the sports world today.


Things I Want to Know

Paul, Andrea, and I covered a lot of topics on their podcast Things I Want to Know. Tune in and take a listen.


The Cowboy Up Podcast

How many hats do you wear? I’ve worn a lot and Russell and Alan and I talked about all of them.


The Authors Show


My thanks to Linda Thompson and her crew for inviting me to be on The Authors Show. We talked about my historical fiction novel, Wolf Catcher, and lots of other things.

Author’s Show: Wolf Catcher

Writing New Chapters

Retiring can be hard for many reasons. Join my conversation with with retirement coach Joe Casey.


Finding Your True Azimuth

Scott Graham and I discussed my road to becoming a sportscaster, back when women just didn’t do that sort of thing.


The Chapter Goddess

The Chapter Goddess—Madi DeGraff—and I discussed the reasearch that goes into writing a novel, and the sometimes scary journeys I took to gather information for my books.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzdgOd69F0s

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/thechaptergoddess/episodes/Book-Chat-with-author-Anne-Montgomery-e1qfjed


My thanks to the folks at the Yeah-Uh-Huh podcast. We talked about a lot of things, including my novel Wolf Catcher. Have a listen.


Jaybees Low Tech Podcast

On Jaybees Low Tech Podcast we discussed the upside and downside of kids playing sports, why sports are vital for the development our youth, and the lessons we learn from both success and failure. We also looked at the pressure parents are placing on young athletes, which can lead to sports burnout. We finished with a discussion on the state of journalism in the United States.

Jaybees Low Tech Podcast The Effects of Sports on our Youth W/Anne Montgomery

Hero’s Journey

On the Hero’s Journey Podcast, we spoke about my time working with the Phoenix Suns, the problems with the American education system, the possibly-grim future of sports, being a foster mom, meeting Manute Bol, and more.