Paperback ISBN: 9781732139114

Ebook ISBN: 9781732139121

Blank Slate Press/Amphorae Publishing Group

286 Pages

Price: $16.95 Paperback, $9.99 eBook

A Light in the Desert traces the story of a lonely pregnant teenager, a Vietnam veteran and former Special Forces sniper who, as he descends into the throes of mental illness, latches onto the girl, and a group of Pentecostal zealots – the Children of Light – who have been waiting over thirty years in the Arizona desert for Armageddon. The Amtrak Sunset Limited, a passenger train en route to Los Angeles, is derailed in their midst’s, a deadly act of sabotage. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when local and state police, FBI investigators, and a horde of reporters make camp by the twisted wreckage of the Sunset Limited. As the search for the saboteurs continues, the authorities find more questions than answers. The girl mysteriously vanishes, the assassin struggles to maintain his sanity, and a child is about to be born in the wilderness.

Reviews for A Light in the Desert

James A. Cox

Midwest Book Review

“Anne Montgomery’s ‘A Light in the Desert’ is an intrinsically gripping read from beginning to end by an author with a genuine flair for originality and compelling narrative driven storytelling.”

Lynda Dickson 

Books Direct

“The author is adept at bringing the sights, sounds, and smells of the Arizona desert to life with her words. An engaging and thought-provoking read.”

Chezshayonline Book Reviews

“Clever, compelling, readable and realistic … Within a few pages, I was hooked. Ms. Montgomery is a storyteller. She’s also a talented writer. Take a leap of faith with me that everyone will love this story, pick up a copy and … Enjoy!

Bookish Indulgences

“There is a lot going on throughout the book; never a dull moment. As a result, when I picked up this book the pages just flew by and before I knew it, I was turning the last page.”

Rabid Readers Reviews

“A Light in the Desert is a character driven novel imbued with social commentary. If you’re looking for a great story about human nature, pick A Light in the Desert up today.”

Katherine Hayward

Katherine’s Book Universe

“A Light in the Desert by Anne Montgomery is an amazingly well-crafted tale of fighting for what you think is right in your own way and finding your own path in life. Rich and multi-layered, this is a novel not to be missed. I was ABSORBED in this book!”

Margaret A. Millmore


“This is a very emotional tale that explores a variety of social issues ranging from mental illness to child abuse. It is very well done, well developed characters and scenery as well as a fast moving plot.”




2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards 

Bronze Medal Winner for Fiction: West-Mountain Region


Treehouse Publishing/Amphorae Publishing Group

386 Pages


Rose Madsen dreams of becoming a science teacher and will do anything to keep from being married off to one of the men in her Fundamentalist Mormon (FLDS) community, including enduring her mother’s brutal beatings. Adan Reyes dreams of better days with his mother when he escapes the foster care system in Phoenix. When their fates become intertwined, Rose and Adan escape into the mountains, only to be hunted like animals. After they are discovered, they must decide if everyone they meet is determined to keep them locked in lives of abuse, or if some adults are worthy of their trust?

Reviews for The Scent of Rain

Midwest Book Review

“A deftly crafted and compelling read from cover to cover.”

Childishly Passionate Reviews

“Essential reading for both young adults and adults alike. There is literally nothing else I can say, except buy this book.”

 The Haunted Reading Room

“A heartrending, heart-wrenching fictional narrative … Even in the midst of tribulations, The Scent of Rain celebrates the resilience and persistence of the human spirit.”


“The characters in ‘The Scent of Rain’ added to an already amazing storyline.”

The Book Return

“I loved ‘The Scent of Rain’.  It is very apparent that Montgomery did extensive amounts of research … I absolutely think everyone should read it.”

Hasty Book List

“Whew. What a whirlwind. The story had been building and building and it all came to a tumbling end. “