Try to Remember

“Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow!”


Don’t panic. It’s normal to forget things sometimes.

While I don’t remember a time like that, it sounds nice, doesn’t it? Though I enjoy that lovely old song from The Fantasticks, slow and mellow have eluded me most of my life. But it’s the remembering part I find most problematic. Sometimes, I leave a room with deliberation, walk into another, and promptly forget what I wanted to do.

I bet you do to.

But, don’t worry. You’re not losing your mind. It’s called the doorway effect. According to a story by the BBC, “The Doorway Effect occurs when our attention moves between levels, and it reflects the reliance of our memories – even memories for what we were about to do – on the environment we’re in.” The idea is that moving through a doorway to another room can create a mental block that resets in the next room and convinces us to move onto a new chapter. So, no worries there.

Still, as we mature, many of us are concerned about forgetfulness. But should we consider memory lapses a natural part of aging? Studies say no, so it appears many of us will grow old without significant memory loss. However, we should be concerned if forgetfulness is severe and it persistently affects everyday function.

It’s important to understand what can cause memory loss and what we can do to prevent it. Note that certain medications can be problematic, especially drugs that treat anxiety and pain. Depression, thyroid issues, and deficiencies of vitamin B12 can also cause memory loss, as can strokes and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Keep memory loss at bay by adding healthy foods like nuts and beans and fruits and vegetables your diet.

Simple life-style changes can help keep our memories strong. Exercise regularly. And no big-time sweating is required. Just go for a walk every day. Insert some cognitive activities into your day, like reading and playing games, dancing and music. Consider a diet low in saturated fats and add brain-healthy foods like nuts, berries, beans, fish, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and, my personal favorite, wine, but of course in moderation. Be social. Make new friends. A good way to do that is to volunteer or join groups of people with whom you share an interest. And travel, if you can. New experiences keep our brains active.


Making new friends can keep your brain resilient.

The point is, we shouldn’t overly worry about that word we forgot how to spell, the appointment that slipped our mind, or the person’s name we can’t recall, because that’s just a normal part of living. And remember, most of us do have the power to keep our noggins healthy, with just a few changes.

So, take control, my friends.

Now, where did I leave my keys?

Wild Horses on the Salt Cover 2



Published by Liaison – A Next Chapter Imprint

Rebecca Quinn escapes her controlling husband and, with nowhere else to go, hops the red-eye to Arizona. There, Gaby Strand – her aunt’s college roommate – gives her shelter at the Salt River Inn, a 1930’s guesthouse located in the wildly beautiful Tonto National Forest.

Becca struggles with post-traumatic stress, but is enthralled by the splendor and fragility of the Sonoran Desert. The once aspiring artist meets Noah Tanner, a cattle rancher and beekeeper, Oscar Billingsley, a retired psychiatrist and avid birder, and a blacksmith named Walt. Thanks to her new friends and a small band of wild horses, Becca adjusts to life in the desert and rekindles her love of art.

Then, Becca’s husband tracks her down, forcing her to summon all her strength. But can she finally stop running away?

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4 thoughts on “Try to Remember

  1. annemontgomeryauthor2013 says:

    They’re always in the other room! Sigh…I’ll remember to go back through the doorway, so I can remember my original goal. 😉


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