4 Stars for Wild Horses on the Salt

“This is a moving story about abuse, recovery and the healing power of nature, and it is a love story to the deserts, forests, rivers and wildlife of Arizona.”

Steph Warren

Bookshine and Readbows Blog

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Contemporary Fiction

  Publisher: Liaison: A Next Chapter Imprint

   Kindle, Paperback, Large Print, and Audio Editions

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Rebecca Quinn escapes her controlling husband and, with nowhere else to go, hops the red-eye to Arizona. There, Gaby Strand – her aunt’s college roommate – gives her shelter at the Salt River Inn, a 1930’s guesthouse located in the wildly beautiful Tonto National Forest. Becca struggles with post-traumatic stress, but is enthralled by the splendor and fragility of the Sonoran Desert. The once aspiring artist meets Noah Tanner, a cattle rancher and beekeeper, Oscar Billingsley, a retired psychiatrist and avid birder, and a blacksmith named Walt. Thanks to her new friends and a small band of wild horses, Becca adjusts to life in the desert and rekindles her love of art. Then, Becca’s husband tracks her down, forcing her to summon all her strength. But can she finally stop running away? 


Midwest Book Review

“Wild Horses On The Salt showcases author Anne Montgomery’s genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven and dramatic storytelling that is the hallmark of an award-worthy novel.”

Margaret Millmore


“Ms. Montgomery weaves an intricate parallel tale, portraying the struggles of one woman, and that of a lost wild stallion—both fighting to rise above the cruelty of an unkind world. Her unique writing style, incredible knowledge of her subject matter, combined with her ability to create vivid scenes of the East Valley, and particularly the Tonto National Forest and Salt River area in Arizona, takes the reader on a fascinating (and educational) journey.”

Erin Kosio


“A beautiful yet tragic story of healing.”

Sharon Grow


“The story of the wild horses of the Salt is expertly interwoven into this exciting and thoughtful story of a wounded soul determined to regain her life and find genuine love.”

Anne R. Marshall


“It is a romance, not just between men and woman, but between people and a place. Montgomery captured it and accurately, too. This was an engrossing read, despite the abuse. I recommend it.”

Rose Aurburn-Writing and Reviews

“A beautifully considered, sumptuous novel from a skilled storyteller-highly recommended.”

Anu Menon

Thought is Free Book Blog

“Fantastic page-turner. Fast-paced, adventurous, and thoughtful story of the survival of Becca’s wounded soul. Her struggles, experiences, passions, fears, healing, and the truth of her chilly silence are wonderfully portrayed.”

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