STEM is great, but …

I’m in a play …

I’ll get back to that shortly.

But first, let’s talk about STEM.


As a high school teacher, I am delighted to see students becoming more interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and have great hope that today’s young people will conquer many of the problems our world currently faces.

High school is a time when kids should branch out and try new things, find what they’re good at and what they enjoy. My school has a vast array of electives, and we have more tech-based options on the way.

My concern is the obvious fact that some students are not inclined toward math and science. If I were a child today, I would not fit easily into the STEM world. Luckily, when I was growing up, there were myriad opportunities in theater and music, classes and clubs that made me want to go to school, despite my struggles in other courses.

Every student needs a bright spot in the school day, that class or club or team that excites them. With the STEM drive, it’s easy to see that other electives might get pushed aside. Note that I am not denigrating STEM, I am simply pointing out that as more students gravitate to those areas other elective classes will empty out.

What can we do? In regard to class options, not much. Children will make their choices and if not enough students sign up for choir or drama or dance or ceramics, those classes will be eliminated.

So, communities need to provide options. Now, back to the play. Starlight Community Theater in North Phoenix “is a 501c3 non-profit community theatre corporation dedicated to providing live theatre to entertain and enrich our community and to encourage youth and adult participation by providing growth and educational opportunities through a variety of theatrical experiences, both on and off stage.”

Friends talked me into auditioning for Starlight’s production of Company. I now find myself interacting on stage with mostly young people, and their drive and inspiring performances remind me of what I enjoyed about theater over 40 years ago.


What we need is your support. Eight performances of Company, the Tony Award-winning Steven Sondheim play about marriage and relationships, are scheduled for the last two weekends in July. Come and join us. Support Starlight and community-arts programs everywhere.

Let’s make sure our young people continue to have choices.


the scent of rain cover 200X300 copy

Anne Montgomery’s latest novel, The Scent of Rain, tells the story of two Arizona teenagers whose fates become intertwined. Rose flees into the mountains to escape from her abusive polygamous community where her only future is marriage to a man older than her father. Adan, whose only wish is to be reunited with his mother, is on the run from the cruelties of the foster care system. Are there any adults they can trust? Can they even trust each other?  The Scent of Rain is available wherever books are sold.




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